England floods: Ten days ‘of difficult conditions’ expected

Residents in Ironbridge were evacuated

“Another 10 days of difficult conditions” have been predicted for parts of the Midlands devastated by flooding.

There are fears Shropshire and Worcestershire, where evacuations have been taking place, will be further affected following heavy rain in Wales.

On Wednesday, barriers holding back the River Severn at Ironbridge buckled and water seeped underneath. Up to 70 properties in East Cowick, East Yorkshire, were also flooded.

The Environment Agency has estimated that up to 500 tonnes of water a second are coursing past Ironbridge’s flood defences.

Deputy Chief Constable Julian Moss, from West Mercia Police, told a press conference on Wednesday evening that the force anticipated its presence on the ground would “continue for the next 10 days” at least.

He said emergency crews also remain on the ground in “many places that are still flooded and have been for some time”, as more wet weather was forecast.


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