Ferrari F1 2020 launch: A grandiose launch for the SF1000 but can Ferrari stop Mercedes?

Ferrari launched their 2020 car in the Teatro Romolo Valli

The sun shone on Ferrari for the launch of their new car. Literally. It was a glorious day in Emilia Romagna, the thermometer nudging 20C, brilliant blue skies, the snow glinting on the Apennine peaks.

As the fading light cast a golden hue on the terracotta buildings of Reggio Emilia, Ferrari drivers Charles Leclerc and Sebastian Vettel signed autographs in front of the Teatro Romolo Valli.

The building’s glorious facade was bathed in red light, reflecting the colour of the car about to be unveiled inside.

A more serendipitous setting for the debut of the machine that carries the hopes of Leclerc, Vettel and an entire nation could hardly be imagined. But it will take more than fate for Ferrari to live up to their ambitions and stop Lewis Hamilton’s march to a seventh world title in 2020.

The trend in recent years has been for low-key launches – Mercedes and Red Bull, for example, are not holding events at all this year, preferring to run their cars in private at Silverstone this week and release their own pictures and press releases.


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