Australia weather: Rain could put out remaining New South Wales blazes

Flooding was widespread across the state

Heavy rains in New South Wales in recent days have led to hopes that all the bushfires in the Australian state could be out by the end of the week.

Since Friday, parts of the fire-ravaged Australian state have experienced their heaviest rainfall in years. The rain caused widespread flooding – hundreds of people had to be rescued, including one man stranded in a tree.

The deluge has also extinguished 30 fires, leaving only four “uncontained”, said the NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS). In total, 24 fires remain burning across the state.

Officials have renewed wet weather warnings for parts of the coast and the neighbouring state of Queensland, but said the heaviest downpours had passed by Tuesday.

Since Friday, Australia’s largest city, Sydney, has received 391.6mm of rain – the equivalent of a four month total, said the Bureau of Meteorology.


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