Closing the Gap: Australia’s indigenous inequality ‘not good enough’


Australia has made progress in improving education for indigenous people, but is still falling short in many areas, an annual report has found.

Life expectancy, employment and literacy rates all remain lower for indigenous Australians, according to the Closing The Gap report.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison told parliament on Tuesday: “The results are not good enough.” He called the disadvantages suffered by indigenous children a “national shame”. The previous “top-down, government-knows best approach” had failed because it had “never really been a partnership with Indigenous people”, he said.

The report tracks targets set in 2008 aimed at reducing inequality. Last year, three of seven key areas were met last year. . Only two are rated as “on track” this year, in early childhood education and in the final year of schooling.

The goal of 95% of all indigenous four year olds being enrolled in early education by 2025 is close to being reached. But targets are falling short in child mortality, school attendance, literacy and numeracy, employment and life expectancy.


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