Taxi, private-hire drivers to get 300,000 masks for passengers amid coronavirus fears


SINGAPORE: Taxi and private-hire drivers in Singapore are set to be issued with 300,000 masks that they can offer to passengers who are unwell, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA), as the country ramps up its defence against the global coronavirus outbreak.

From Tuesday (Feb 11), 300,000 surgical masks will be distributed to the drivers via their taxi and ride-hailing companies in packs of four, said LTA in a press release.

These masks are intended for drivers to offer to passengers who are unwell, but do not have a mask and need a ride to seek medical attention.

“Passengers should also play their part. In particular, passengers who are unwell are reminded to be socially responsible and don a mask, before their taxi or private-hire car ride,” said LTA.

As part of precautionary measures, drivers have also been asked to take their temperature twice a day.

From Tuesday, eight temperature screening stations will be set up at the premises of the seven taxi companies here.

Taxi drivers whose temperatures fall within the acceptable range will receive a sticker for the day, to indicate that they are well.

Private-hire drivers will be required to take their own temperatures and submit their readings via the app.


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